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AI for Seniors resources

I have seen a few changes in my almost 60 yrs, but nothing that compares in scope and speed to AI. Unfortunately, that may be a challenge for our 1980s brains. What resources are currently available, or more importantly could be created to help the 50 plus crowd understand, keep up, and prosper with the advancement of AI.

If there was an AI weekly AI newsletter aimed at Seniors I would sign up today. JA?. Imagine the potential services that could be provided to that email list?

    1. AI for Seniors podcast

    Each week I would interview thought leaders on the latest in AI. Example: How is AI changing medicine? How will it change education? Will it change the way we work and earn money? What are some of the ethical challenges with AI. Etc.

    2. AI for Seniors newsletter

    I really don't know how to describe this but I've seen a lot of newsletters that are not just news but also analysis of what's going on in the world, politics, etc. Maybe a newsletter each morning summarizing the news related to AI and offering analysis.

    3. AI for Seniors online course

    An online course that teaches seniors (and everyone else) how to create their own AI or at least understand how to use the basic tools out there so they can be more productive, make better decisions, etc

    4. An online community of Seniors who are interested in learning about or using AI.

    Similar to what is described above but a community where people can share ideas, ask questions, etc

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