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AI for Seniors resources

AI for Seniors resources

    1. Calling things “AI” will soon be unnecessary as a separate concept: everything will have it built in at some level. It will be like saying “an electricity TV” or a “smart phone.” Now we just say TV or Phone.

    2. AI to remind seniors of what to do and when

    AI can be programmed with things like medication, schedules, and appointments. Unlike present day calendars, the AI can remind the person to get ready hours before their appointment automatically without setting notifications. In the case of medication and meals the AI can confirm whether they have been taken and then continue reminding or escalate.

    3. There will be personalized AI companions

    There will be general purpose artificial intelligence that is supplemented with data specific to the person that they are helping. This artificial intelligence companion will be available 24/7.

    4. Ai can monitor a house and “intelligently “ report on things

    You can notify family members or other interested parties about the state of the elderly resident. I can notify people when packages arrive at the front door, whether there is any stale food in the refrigerator, and whether the person is in any sort of distress.

    5. AI chef

    Combining intelligence with robotics, a kitchen appliance can make delicious food that adheres to restrictive diet. It can also sense weather ingredients are spoiled.

    6. AI driver

    Many people lose the ability to drive through cognitive, vision, or physical problems. A robotic vehicle solves these problems.

    7. AI media center

    The person can just say I want to watch the news, I want to watch the Wizard of Oz, and so on. The system will provide this through a voice interface. It will automatically manage all passwords and sign in and other things that confuse everybody, not just the elderly.

    8. AI house cleaner

    As people age, they can't see as well, and they also don't care as much about clueless. An AI robot can keep the residence spic and span.

    9. AI companion/personal assistant

    This could be embodied in a phone device or in a smart home. It would live "in the cloud.. Like Siri or Alexa on steroids it would be 100% personalized. It wild be an agent and coordinate other agents, communicate with other humans by text, phone, email or other means. It could suggest games, ask trivia, and make suggestions for things to eat.

    The concept would be like a ubiquitous personal assistant that could take care of almost all of your needs through voice commands.

    10. Would the senior be lonelier, or less lonely?

    My thought process is to do this to allow people to live independently with help from robots. In a not too distant future it will be possible to "tend to the elderly " almost 100% autonomously. Would there be benefits to being tended to by an AI with robotics? Will these entities be friends? Is it better than what is happening today? Or will this be a dystopian nightmare like the Matrix?

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