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All things are lessons love would have me learn. (2 min 40 sec)

All things are lessons love would have me learn. (2 min 40 sec)

    1. Most lessons are assumed to be those we prefer to avoid learning.

    2. Translation: “I don’t want to be hurt again.”

    3. The lessons show us where we are hurting ourselves so that we can stop.

    4. Anyplace where it doesn’t seem like love, comfort, and delight are going on, I’m the one interfering with the process.

    5. A lesson shows me where I believe I’m not lovable and deserving.

    6. I am being presented with a mirror so that I can shift my perspective.

    7. A lesson is a miracle that love offers to me, in place of thoughts I made that hurt me.

    It is a miracle because without these external reflections, you wouldn't realize the power you possess within. When you are experiencing pain, your thoughts often become the last place you consider as the root cause of your suffering.

    8. When I believe that I am unlovable and undeserving, I find it easier to project those thoughts onto people or situations that are suitable for me at the time.

    9. By doing this I get to say, “you’re the ones who are not loving and supporting me.”

    10. The lesson is that you are helping me see what I’m doing to myself.

    11. That I can now see what I’m doing to myself is the halfway mark.

    12. The second half is for me to stop doing it.

    13. I am set free when I can look at the appearance of what I see in anything and everyone and realize these are my ideas about myself that I’m seeing.

    14. When I change the thoughts within my mind regarding myself, the need for lessons disappear.

    15. Every person and situation that brings you pain serves as a precious gift bestowed by love.

    16. They act as mirrors, allowing you to recognize the ways in which you are hurting yourself.

    17. Now that you see that you had the power all along there’s only one thing left to do.

    18. You have to go about the business of changing your mind.

    19. Please remember, until the mind changes, things remain the same.

    20. I chose to see myself differently so that I can see you differently.

    21. I chose to see you differently so that I can see myself differently.

    22. Everybody wins and nobody loses.

    23. I am constantly being Created as an outflow of love.

    24. And the only thing I deserve to experience is that love.

    25. End of story.

    26. Keep this in mind all day long.

    27. I’ll be thinking 🤔 about you.

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