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All you need is an old can. (2 min 32 sec)

"Kick-the-can" is a classic outdoor game that can be played with a group of children or adults. Here are the basic rules.
1. Find an open area to play and choose one player to be "it."
2. Place a can in the center of the playing area.
3. All other players must hide while "it" covers their eyes and counts to a predetermined number, such as 20.
4. Once "it" finishes counting, they must go searching for the other players.
5. If "it" finds a player, they must race back to the can and touch it before "it" tags them.
6. If a player successfully touches the can, they shout "Free!" and all of the other players who are currently in jail (i.e. those who have been tagged by "it") are released and the game continues.
7. If "it" tags a player before they reach the can, that player is sent to jail.
8. The game ends when all players have been sent to jail and there is no one left to free them.

    1. We’ve forgotten how to laugh.

    2. Perhaps this idea will ignite a spark within you, encouraging you to embrace the humor in life and find joy in laughing at yourself more often.

    3. If you actively participate in the game, people may deem you worthy of being observed in a special room, as your enthusiasm will appear unconventional or even threatening to those accustomed to seeing life one way.

    4. If you participate, people will want to isolate you from the rest of society for a while, as your actions will be seen as unusual or disruptive to the established norms.

    5. Are you afraid of a new idea?

    6. Are you afraid to look silly?

    7. Are you afraid to make a mistake?

    8. You have made a conscious choice of what you want to become, and that decision has shaped your identity and manifested itself in who you are today.

    9. You owe it to yourself to see the magic in the world.

    10. Maybe this idea is the greatest idea of all time.

    11. Childhood maturity and old age are curiously intertwined and not separate.

    12. Perhaps you have become too stiff in your thinking to kick an old can.

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