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Alternative uses for a wrist watch

    1. As a signal mirror when lost

    2. As a way to hold scrolled up papers together

    3. As a shim for a table that is wobbly

    4. As a hair scrunchie

    5. To hold belt loops together to bring in the waste on a pair of pants that is too big

    6. To synchronize all other clocks in your life such as the one in your car, your clock radio next to your bed, your clock at work

    7. As the eye on a sculpture

    8. To identify the owner of a suitcase keep it in an internal pocket

    9. As a child's toy because it is not a choke hazard and has interesting moving parts and buttons as a hood ornament

    10. As a hood ornament

    11. Hold the trigger button down on a leaf blower

    12. As a measuring device track of distances between eye holes and the end of it etc

    13. Multiple watches buckled to each other could be a belt

    14. A measuring device for diameter such as in plumbing applications

    15. A place to store your wedding ring safely when participating in a sport like jujitsu where jewelry is not good to wear

    16. A looping mechanism to attach something you don't want to forget to your car keys so you can't leave the house without it

    17. As ballast in the bottom of a small model boat

    18. As a timing device to check your false or that of another person

    19. As a drink insulator for hot coffee so you don't burn your hand picking up the cup

    20. If it is waterproof and durable you could use it as a mixing bowl

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