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Am I lazy?

Lately a lot of people view me as lazy for wanting a rest to recharge. So, I'm I lazy or is it needed.

In the last year, what have I done?

    1. Animation

    I made an sold an animation for a band. Anyone who knows animation knows that it's not an easy job, especially when it a one person job.

    2. Comics

    This year I've made 10 new comics. I've also shared them and gained more of a following.

    I've shared old comics to new platforms and I've updated and converted all to share to Instagram in the future.

    3. Online course

    I made an online course. I recorded over 30 videos on how to live a happier life.

    I could have sold it better, in order to get more money, but it's there for good, I can focus on advertising at a later date.

    4. Read a book

    I wish I could brag about reading more than one, I love to read, but unfortunately I've just not found the peace and quiet long enough to finish another book.

    5. Helping others

    Whenever I'm free I'm there to listen and give advice to others. They don't always take the advice, but always appreciate someone to talk to.

    I'm listing this because it really does feel like work at times. No matter how much you help some people the problems percist. I've cut down, but I'm a helped at my core, it's tough saving no.

    6. Working out

    I've got weights. I lift a few times every day. I couldn't always make the gym, but weights at home ensure I keep myself fit.

    7. Work

    I went from 8 hours a week up to 27 + lots of overtime. I know that's nothing, but I filled my free time with work. I still try and do the same amount. It's hard.

    8. Learning

    Most of what I watch and listen to are lessons to learn something new. Learning involves being involved, asking yourself questions and taking notes. I reflect on lessons as I work and rework some into my own content.

    9. Idea lists

    For me I really try and give details on my lists. I haven't always done it, but lists I'm most proud of have good detail. Writing a list is hard enough, never mind going into detail for each item. A good list is mentally draining, but I feel that's the proof that you really have worked on it.

    10. Was it worth it?

    Was all my work worth it. I'm not making that much money, people still have problems, I'm not really enjoyed work, noone believes that I am a hard worker.

    For some reason I feel happier contributing to do what I'm doing, but maybe that's just consistency bias at play. Maybe it really is time to reflect on everything and move on

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