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Am I too old or just too lazy to be a kid again?

I was thinking of things that I used to do as a kid growing up. Many of those I still enjoy doing today. Or at least think that I still do. Yet, I haven't made them enough of a priority to actually spend time doing it. So what's changed. Is it a lack of energy? Making time for just myself vs. the family, the business, etc? Have I just gotten lazy as I've gotten older? So here is a list of things that I enjoyed as a child that I would still enjoy today if I just got around to doing it.

    1. Fishing

    I have the gear, the license, and the time but rarely actually go. Yet every time I do go, I have a great time.

    2. The racetrack

    My Dad raced when he was younger and I have been an avid fan since I can remember. We used to spend every Friday and Saturday night at a local track somewhere. Many weekends were double headers and we just camped in the infield or crashed in someone's car hauler. Now I make an annual trip to see a NASCAR or CHAMP car race every year but haven't been to a local track in years. Why not? It isn't far.

    3. Hunting

    I admit that this one isn't quite as much fun as it was when I was young, but I still love getting outdoors and being a provider. I spend quite a bit of money to not go more than once or twice a year.

    4. Reading for pleasure.

    While I still do this, the process is different. Now, I'm reading a bit here and there in between doing something else. When I was younger, I could pick up a book and not put it down until it was finished. Could be hours or even a day or so.

    5. Bicycle riding

    Of course for many of us, a bicycle was our first taste of true freedom as kids. But even after I had my first car, I would often take the bicycle instead. Now I'm more likely to jump in the car for even the simplest errand. And even if I decide that a particular trip is silly to take the car, I walk instead of riding a bike.

    6. Camping.

    There were years when I spent more than a third of the year under canvas, nylon, or the stars. Other than the annual race trip I mentioned earlier the gear is just gathering dust.

    7. Auctions / flea markets

    Great fun then. Still is now. Even as vendor, I enjoyed myself. But haven't been to either in more than a year.

    8. Table top gaming

    Whether it is an RPG like Pathfinder or D&D, a marathon session of Monopoly, or a simple hand of Rummy; I've always enjoyed sitting down to a good game with friends and family. This too has now become an infrequent experience.

    9. I don't believe my interest in these things have changed.

    But my willingness to devote time to them certainly has.

    10. I hate the sound of lawnmowers.

    Nothing to do with this list. When I was kid I actually like the idea of mowing. It meant that would be out on the tractor, in my own little world. But nowadays my yard isn't large enough to justify a riding mower and as a like to work with the windows open, all I've heard all day is first one mower, then another, with the occasional weed whacker thrown in for ear shattering variety.

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