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AMA Vol.1 (5 min 34 sec)

AMA Vol.1 (5 min 34 sec)

    1. How were you introduced to ACIM?

    ACIM chose me, I didn’t choose it.

    2. Why is your goal to establish a daily practice of self-study of ACIM teachings?

    Because they work marvelously every time I use them.

    3. Are we sinners or saints?

    Everyone? Yes, everyone.
    We are perfection. 
    We remain as God Created us to be.

    4. Does God still really love us?

    Of course, God is Love itself.
    When you get still you can feel Love's Presence.
    You've not sinned.
    You're innocent of all "crimes" both large and small. 
    There is no order of difficulty for Source.

    5. Is God the devil too?

    The devil is evil and fear personified.
    The devil is part of the hallucination.
    You can't bring an illusion into Truth but you can bring Truth to an illusion.
    The devil is a mental construct.
    Everything is of Mind.
    If there is fear it cannot be of God.
    God meets us where we think we are.

    6. Who would I be without my story, without my made-up "sense of self?"

    Without the story and the constructed sense of self, you will still exist as a conscious being, but your perception of yourself would be different.
    The "sense of self" is formed through a combination of personal experiences, beliefs, values, and narratives that we create about ourselves over time. It includes our memories, personality traits, and the roles we play in society.
    If you strip away these constructs, you would still have your fundamental qualities as a human being—your ability to think, feel, and experience the world—but you would have a more direct experience of the present moment without the filters of past experiences and future expectations.

    7. How can I know God in my own experience?

    "Be still, and know that I am God; Psalm 46:10
    It’s in every batch of 5,500 Bibles that are shipped to homes around the world daily.
    Quiet your mind (no thoughts), release your judgments, and recognize the Truth of what you are.
    Let go of ego-based illusions and you will come to know your true identity as a spiritual being.

    8. Why is everything in frames instead of circles?

    It’s the reason why nothing in the world ever works.
    One is inclusion and the other exclusion.
    One is rooted in Love, the other fear.
    Frames have boundaries, structures (enclosed spaces), separation, perspective, contrast, containment, and definition.
    Circles have wholeness, equality, symmetry, continuity, unity, boundlessness, cyclical, balance, and integration.
    Frames can be brought to an illusion, but illusion cannot exist in the frame.
    Frames can be used to create the illusion of something, such as in the case of a magic show or a work of art that creates the illusion of depth or movement. In this sense, frames are used to manipulate or deceive our perceptions.
    However, once an illusion is created, it cannot exist within the frame itself. Illusions are created by manipulating our perceptions of reality, and they require some degree of separation or detachment from reality in order to be effective. Once we recognize the illusion for what it is, it loses its power to deceive us.
    Therefore, while frames can be used to create illusions, the illusions themselves exist outside of the frame. They are created by manipulating our perceptions of reality, but once we see through the illusion, we are able to recognize the boundaries and limitations of the frame itself.

    9. What is the Holy Spirit?

    The Holy Spirit is a universal mediator between the illusory world of separation and the truth of oneness. It is a symbolic representation of the Voice for God, the Source of Truth, and the part of our mind that remains connected to our true divine nature.
    The Holy Spirit is a guide and teacher who helps us navigate through the illusions and misperceptions of the ego-based thought system. 
    It assists in the process of forgiveness, which is central to our waking up from dreams to reality. The Holy Spirit's function is to help us shift our perception from fear to love, from separation to unity, and from the ego's illusions to the Truth of our inherent Oneness.
    The Holy Spirit is a non-personal entity that can be thought of as a thought system or a divine presence within the mind. It is accessible to anyone who is willing to listen and follow its guidance. 
    When you align your thoughts, choices, and actions with the Holy Spirit's guidance, you will experience a healing and peace that are ineffable.
    The Holy Spirit focuses on inner transformation and the undoing of ego-based thinking patterns and not adherence to any specific religious doctrine.

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