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An inquiring Mind what’s to know. (1 min 21 sec)

An inquiring Mind what’s to know. (1 min 21 sec)

    1. What ideas would you suggest the writer explore?

    • This question requires awareness, contemplation, and stillness.
    • Love or fear?
    • Truth or illusions?
    • Peace or war?

    2. How frequently would you recommend the writer discuss God, Love, and Eternal Life?

    • When it's convenient?
    • When the writer is successful?
    • When the writer loses weight?
    • When the writer's kids are in college?
    • When the writer gets a brand-new car?
    • When the writer's start-up is successful?
    • When the writer becomes the best at Ping Pong?
    • When does the writer's favorite sports team win?
    • When the writer gets married or divorced?
    • When the writer gets signed to that label?
    • When the writer becomes a Superstar?
    • There never seems to be a right time.

    3. The writer wants to know what topics of conversation you discuss.

    • Topics about love or fear?
    • Topics about unity or separation?
    • Are you in your right mind or your fearful mind?
    • One is Truth, the other is an illusion.

    4. Where does the path you are currently on lead you to?

    • What is your plan?
    • You will either awaken to the Truth that love is the only thing that truly exists, or you will remain asleep, caught in the illusions of separation, fear, and death.

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