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Collin Harness


Andrew Tate Lessons

From the James Altucher Pod

    1. Realize there is a Matrix

    The Matrix wants you to believe certain ideas. If you step out of line you get in trouble. 

    2. Say things in a certain way

    Saying truth in a certain way will get you attention. Good or bad 

    3. Create your own War Room

    Create your own army of people that will help you along in your mission. 

    4. Monetize your ideas

    Ideas are valuable and you can make money from sharing them in specific ways.

    5. Figure out the systems formula

    Figure out the formula that works for you to be successful. 

    6. You don’t need to fear other people

    People are more afraid of you than you are of them. 

    7. Skip the line

    You don't need to spend 10,000 hours to be successful. 

    8. Study, but also be constantly experimenting

    Study what makes you successful, but also be constantly trying out what you are studying. 

    9. Be truthful even if it hurts people’s feelings

    People will hate your honesty, but many times the truth hurts. But it's worth hearing it. 

    10. Everyone is affected by social media

    The Matrix 

    11. People have short attention spans

    Don't complain. Use it to your advantage. 

    12. Enjoying people that are different

    Some people are crazy and that is ok. Enjoy the crazy. 

    13. Be thinking about the future

    What comes next? 

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