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Android apps I use every day

I keep the apps that I use every day on the home screen of my phone. Everything else goes into folders on the second screen (I only have two screens of apps: daily, and not daily).

Android apps I use every day

    1. Clock

    I use it for alarms to wake me up or let me know it's time to go pick up the kids. I also use it for timers, especially for cooking. Oh yeah, it also tells the time.

    2. Messages

    Mostly text messages with my wife and 2-factor authentication

    3. Tasks

    It's a todo list app that runs my day. Every todo list item has a specific time and date for it to come up, so it's never ambiguous when I need to complete it.

    4. Podcasts

    For those times when I'm not talking to someone and am not using my brain to focus on something important, like when I'm cooking, driving, or milling around.

    5. Docs

    I'm pretty much paperless now, and Google Docs is where I keep most of my notes and written material.

    6. Kindle

    I read on my Kindle app for about 95% of my reading these days.

    7. Maps

    I use it for its GPS directions and also to research places and restaurants to visit.

    8. Fitbit

    Not for tracking steps, but for tracking sleep.

    9. Calendar

    I keep my personal appointments as well as a shared family calendar there.

    10. Keep Notes

    Quick notes that are not permanent or long-term enough to put into Docs. Also, I cook for the family every night and keep all of my recipes here.

    11. Weather

    I look at it every morning to figure out what I should wear

    12. Pomodoro

    For keeping track of focused work time.

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