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Apps/websites that have actually improved my life

(Only including lesser known ones here, not any of the giants)

    1. BorrowMyDoggy

    Moving to London not knowing anyone in our neighborhood, we’ve met so many friends via walking their dogs for fun.

    2. Maloka

    The only meditation app I haven’t lost interest in. It’s on VR and mobile. In VR, every time you meditate you get a new plant to plant in your virtual tropical island. On the mobile app, you feed and tend to a tamagochi like creature with the points you gain every time you mediate.

    3. TooGoodToGo

    Love the win-win of preventing food waste and getting perfectly good food at a discount. Also I enjoy the surprise of not knowing exactly what you’ll get and the flexibility of choosing a place with a time window that works for you.

    4. AI Dungeon

    This AI text generation app where you co-create a fantasy story with AI has been mind blowing to use. I feel more creative and also in awe of the potential of working together with AI to explore infinite possibilities whenever I use it. My best experience has been when I wake up from a dream, type my dream into the app, and let it continue the narrative of my dream with me.

    5. Workaway

    Such an amazing way to travel for cheap while also getting to know people and gaining new experiences. I spent several summers workawaying through Canada at flower farms, wineries, and even a startup.

    6. Meetup

    When I first lived in London briefly a few years ago, I went to a different meetup every day for the first thirty days. I met people who stayed my friends the entire rest of my time there and beyond, as well as people who gave me referrals to jobs, amazing advice, and fascinating perspectives.

    7. Notepd.com

    Gotta put this one! I‘ve really enjoyed getting started and trying not to lose my streak (although I can’t tell if it knows what time zone I’m in so I’m worried about losing it!) Idea generation is absolutely a muscle, and exercising it is a major energy boost.

    8. ClassPass

    I’ve used ClassPass to workout across the world from SF to NYC to London to Malaysia. It takes away most of my excuses to exercise because it makes it so easy to find a class.

    9. Croissant

    Like ClassPass for coworking spaces. So reasonably priced, and amazing to use for working or just while traveling (even just to find a bathroom and a place to charge your phone for half an hour). I also find it a great glimpse into the vibe of a city to see what their small independently run coworking spaces are like.

    10. Rome2Rio

    I always use this to plan out big travel journeys - not within a city usually but across multiple cities, or countries especially involving multiple forms of transportation like flying+train+bus+walking.

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