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April list of actions that were influenced by James, NotePD and Twitter minds

The magic of small actions is remarkable. They may go unnoticed ( and with little effect) if you let them happen and go. But if you reflect even a bit, the cumulative effect is amazing. Truly inspired by James positivity and sharing my recent findings, thoughts about what has been done during last month, actually less than a month.

    1. Read "Choose Yourself" by James Altucher @JamesAltucher, and as a ripple effect shared this with a lot of friends, especially those feeling 'stuck'

    2. Started 10 ideas a day. Not doing daily yet, but at least 80% of the past month

    3. Based on 10 idea concept, suggested practical ideas on process improvement at work some ideas were appreciated

    4. Books read last month 1. "The Purple Cow" by Seth Godin, 2. "The 10X rule" by Grant Cardone, 3. "The power of thinking Big" by David Schwartz, and 4. Ammoralman ( just finished) by Derec DelGaudio. Wealth of ideas 💡


    5. Twitter circle has increased with names inspired by the books above. This lead to broadening spectrum of the newsfeed, I like Twitter actually for its density and concentration of smart thoughts

    6. Somebody who I virtually know on Twitter for a long time, recently posted that there are always 2 types of CT folks, 1. "Alpha", who are eager to share and help; 2. "Beta" who follow or just use the info.

    7. Got really inspired by NotePD ideas posts. My latest picks are "What Netflix should do", "10 things to lean from Japanese" by @younes, "Amazon leadership principles", shot summaries of 'Skip the line' by PowerofTruth - thank you!

    8. Liked the latest post by Younes Hairej @younes about turning 10 ideas into an article and having it published. What an amazing result! Congratulations!

    9. Listened to a number of podcasts with James, now bookmarked this resource. Love listening when walking. Love the idea that James invites people with so different backgrounds ! Thank you!

    10. A lot of new thoughts and ideas. Planning to enjoy the journey of discovery of new people, ideas, and who knows where it might lead! Will plan to share my May summary in a month 😊

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