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Are you happy? (1 min 30 sec)

Are you happy? (1 min 30 sec)

    1. The answer I hear most often is “no.”

    2. "No" not only stands as the most frequently encountered response but also carries a strong sense of emphasis.

    3. Regardless of age, wealth, or social status, a common sentiment expressed by both the young and old, rich and poor alike is the simple statement, "I am not happy."

    4. Should I have the courage to inquire further and pose additional questions to them?

    5. Why aren’t you happy?

    6. What do you think would make you happy?

    7. What does being happy 😊 look like for you?

    8. Is happiness something you gotta pursue or is happiness something you already are?

    9. If you’re not happy now do have a plan to become happy?

    10. Have you ever been happy before? When ? Why ? For how long? What was the source?

    11. What do you believe is the source of your unhappiness?

    12. How long have you been this way - unhappy?

    13. Is it possible to remain unhappy 🙁 and and also be in the present moment?

    14. Is the source of your unhappiness due to something that is happening now?

    15. Are you unhappy about something that happened in the past?

    16. Are you unhappy about what might happen in the future?

    17. Do you believe that happiness is a decision?

    18. Are you ready to be happy?

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