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Are you where you thought you’d be at this age?

@reenafriedmanwatts posted a list that included "are you where you thought you’d be at this age?" I read that and realized, I don't know if I had any expectations about where I'd be at some random age down the road. Not that I thought I wouldn't be around or anything dark like that but like in my 20's, I didn't think in those terms.

I was (and still am) happily married by my 20's and I knew we'd still be together. If you've read other posts of mine you know I am a big believer in doing things for your future self like living below your means and lifting weights but I never thought specifically about what I'd be doing.

The current phase of my life started in 2003 when I became self-employed, working from home in the mountain community where we still live and joining the fire department.

All of these things have evolved but we found this groove that we love back then so from 37 on to today we are where we hoped we'd be. We're comfortable, healthy and do what we want, so a great outcome that we are thankful for.

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