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Basic stock terms you need to know

It is always good practice to understand the basics when starting a new endeavor.

Basic stock terms you need to know

    1. Market Cap

    The value of the stock price times the number of shares outstanding. Total dollar value of the business

    2. Dividend

    How much money you receive per share per year.

    3. Stock Price

    The current market value of one share of the business.

    4. Revenue

    How much money the business brings in each year from sales

    5. Assets

    Everything of value the business owns.

    6. Liabilities

    Everything of value that the business owns to someone or something else.

    7. IRA

    Individual retirement account

    8. Shares Outstanding

    The total number of stock shares on the market. Will change over time.

    9. ETF

    Exchange traded fund. Collection of stocks

    10. EBITA

    Earnings before interest, tax, amortization etc.

    11. Earnings Call

    When the business reports their quarterly numbers and performance to the public.

    12. Stock Split

    When a stock is split up into multiple shares in order to lower the stock price.

    13. Stock Based Compensation

    Get paid in shares of stock rather than

    14. Limit V. Market Order

    For a limit order you set the price of the shares and the order is only filled if you get the price.

    Market order you get the best market price for your order.

    15. Tax Deferred

    You do not pay tax now, but you pay tax later on when take a distribution.

    16. Resistance V. Support Level

    Resistance level the upper price a security could reach.

    Support level is the lower price a security could reach.

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