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Become a Gratitude Machine

Love gratitude lists

    1. Mega teas

    I haven't added this to a list yet. I have been drinking them now for about 2 months. I started making them. I feel healthier than when I drink coffee.

    2. Clean Place

    My place is clean! Finally. I had 2 colds in the past 3 weeks and my place is finally clean!

    3. I don't take my job home

    I use to take my job home the last two years. I had to create 2 different small groups for my students to do every day. It's not that hard but my assistant I felt was always judging. It added stress to me. I don't have that. It feels good.

    4. I like a guy and I think he likes me

    We text and he has interesting things to say. We will go almost 2.5 weeks without seeing each other but it just kind of adds to the excitement of seeing him again.

    5. The new guy is introducing things to me in a new way

    I usually don't swipe right on liberals. Just like I don't swipe right on Conservatives. I swipe right if you don't put anything or you put moderate. I swiped right. He's not that extreme. He is smart though too and he's introducing me to some liberal ways of thinking that are more open minded.

    6. I don't have to spend a lot of money on food anymore

    I can eat breakfast at school and lunch. Now it fits no diets. It's probably not top of the line food... But if I don't have to make it or buy it. It's FANTASTIC. I am saving maybe $50-100's a week. Yay

    7. I am reading two great books right now.

    50 more inventions that shaped the modern economy and a book about marjorie merriweather post. I think I will take a weekend this year and go on a tour of battle creek. It's the cereal capital of the world. What a strange concept and yet.. I think it could be really interesting. I don't cereal is good for us at all. I just came across this idea so I think I am more interested in how they marketed it as this healthy program.

    8. My students like me

    The first 2 weeks I didn't think they would. I was like a boot camp instructor. "Get in Line" "Criss Cross Applesauce" "Wash your hands" "Flush the toilet" "Raise your hand" "No" "Nope" "STOP TALKING". lol. I have learned to lower my voice. It seems to be working. I was gone for two days during the first two weeks and they missed me. They missed me during those bootcamp days. YAY

    9. My fridge is really clean

    I have cleaned out my fridge from time to time over the past 1. I never really deep cleaned it. I deep cleaned it this weekend. It looks fantastic.

    10. My computer charger charges my phone

    It's a C charger. If I can't find my phone charger I can charge my phone. It's marvelous!!

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