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Become a Gratitude Machine

10 things I have that I am grateful for.

    1. I am grateful for my new Airpods

    My girlfriend got me a new Airpod this week.

    It cost her a lot of money and she says it is worth it.

    2. I am grategul for the ability to focus

    I get distracted a lot when working.

    All of that is changing now.

    In the past week, I have been able to pull of a series of deep work sessions.

    This is becoming a practice.

    3. I am grateful for the ability to fast

    I decided to switch diets.

    No more anything and everything anytime.

    Now on, my diest is simple:

    Fruit smoothie at 10am. Vegetable salad at 6pm. Done.

    I practiced 16:8 intermittent fasting in the past.

    My focus improved. My brain functioned a clearer order.

    So this is more like 16:8 intermittent fast on fruits and vegetables.

    4. I am grateful I am now friends with someone who has more money than they need to provide a beautiful life for herself and her family

    My girlfriend sold her inheritance last week for a beautiful sum.

    I am happy for her.

    5. I am grateful for the sunshine

    It is now summer in Ethiopia.

    And we can now hang our laundry outside to dry in the sun.

    6. I am grateful the Immigration and Citizens Service of Ethiopia has resumed issuing exit visas

    I can finally travel back home, Ghana.

    7. I am grateful I have the ability to think

    From what I hear, not many people can think.

    8. I am grateful I have more understanding of the Universal Law of the universe this week than I did last

    This is fundametal idea of the universe: The laws of the universe cannot be broken but can be made to work under specially provided conditions to produce higher results than those possible under the conditions spontaneously provided by nature.

    And it follows that, the more understanding one has of a law, the better she can use it and greater will be the results obtained.

    9. I am grateful I can write, read and understand the scietific language

    Some literature are written so that a seven-year old can understand.

    Others are written at the post-graduate level.

    I am grateful I have the ability to write and understand both.

    10. I am grateful I can breath

    How much longer will I live without this ability?

    Perhaps the breath is the central idea of life.

    Everything has a central idea.

    A central idea is that which gives life and movement to a thing.

    I am grateful I can breath.

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