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Become a Gratitude Machine

I used to write five things I was grateful for every day, and it really helped me to shift my mental state to the positive side and made me more resilient. Thanks a lot for this opportunity to bring back writing gratitude lists every day.


    1. My Wife

    She is just awesome, and I am the luckiest guy ever to have found her.

    2. Our Cats

    We have three cats that make life fuzzy. Sometimes they act like assholes, but most of the time they just cuddle and purr. Nevertheless, they never fail to melt our hearts.

    3. My Computer

    I basically do everything I do to earn a living on my computer, and I am incredibly grateful that I can do so.

    4. My Profession

    I am incredibly grateful that I am a professional writer because that grants me tremendous freedom, and I am a freedom-obsessed dude.

    5. Being Healthy

    Because of losing my father to cancer when he was 55, I am always aware of the risks of dying an early death because of our lifestyle choices. I am grateful that my body can handle most of my bad lifestyle choices and keeps me in pristine shape. Thank you, metabolism!

    6. My Mother

    Even though she might not be the best mother, she is doing the best she can, and I am eternally grateful for that.

    7. Music

    This one goes to all the musicians out there, because your work makes our lives cooler. What is a movie without a soundtrack?

    8. Water Bottles

    Hydration is incredibly important, and whenever I am not hydrated enough, I get energy and skin problems. Luckily, a good water bottle ensures that I drink enough water throughout the day, and I keep healthy!

    9. Bluetooth

    I never liked dealing with cables. I am so happy that I am almost 100% cable free thanks to Bluetooth technology.

    10. Art Training

    Even though I no longer paint for a living, I use the observation skills I acquired through years of study in my day-to-day life, and being able to notice the beauties of the natural world is a great side effect.

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