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Benefits of going to college?

You need to choose right and it may not be a bad idea to take a year or two before going. Also, online options now.

    1. Build a Network

    The more prestigious the school can often help. Not just friends. Teachers/alumni. Use the network.

    2. Protect your downside

    It's hard to not make a decent living, in a worst case scenario, with a college degree in business/engineering.

    3. Might be free/cheap

    DO NOT TAKE OUT LARGE LOANS FOR UNDERGRAD. If you have good HS marks, you can likely get into a state school for free/cheap. Or community college. With really high marks, scholarships.

    4. Lot of fun

    School I went to was a lot of fun. The owner of the best restaurant/bar in that town was a friend of mine. I idolized him bc he was an entrepreneur and had a lot of money. He told me to make sure I'm enjoying college because you never have a moment in time that it is like that. Where you have very few responsibilities and there are a lot of single people. He was right.

    5. Sense of Community

    We are losing this a bit in America. People generally still love their school if they had a good experience. They give back. They help the next generation.

    6. It's a fantasy land

    You can construct your schedule. You can choose what classes to take and from what teachers. You can stay up late, miss class. There are basically no rules. Some people like this autonomy. It can sink many too.

    7. Campuses are nice

    Beautiful buildings, trees, people.

    8. No need for a car

    Just walk, bike, bus, ask for rides. People used to hitch rides.

    9. Culture

    Schools usually have lots of free cultural events. Art, science, music, theatre. Take it in. Learn something.

    10. Life is about Experiences - College can be a great one.

    And if it isn't - you still learned something.

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