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Bill Bergeman


Besides Accomplishments, What Increases Confidence?

    1. Taking action in the face of resistance.

    Get up when you don't want to get up. Smile when you want to frown. Show up when you don't want to be there. Say the thing when you want to stay quiet.

    2. Doing the important things every day even when you don't feel like it.

    The accumulated effect of this consistent approach will be like building a wall of confidence one brick at a time.

    3. Having an anti-fragile mindset.

    Reframe hits to your confidence as opportunities to become more confident.

    4. Faking it even if you never make it.

    Imagine being someone you admire as a confident person and take on that persona. Always stand tall with a confident body posture. You may never fully become the confident person you admire, and you may never fully feel like the confident person you're pretending to be, but your confidence will improve and no one will likely know the difference.

    5. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

    One of my favorite self-empowerment books of all time says it all in the title: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/653396.Feel_the_Fear_and_Do_It_Anyway

    6. Doubling down on a success to try to capitalize on it.

    Momentum is a powerful force. Use it to help propel you forward.

    7. Tracking your progress over time.

    It's easy to think you've not accomplished much if you don't look back at your track record. Periodically looking at the line chart of your successes will help remind you that you have come a long way and you are becoming more confident.

    If you are at the beginning stages of a journey and don't yet have a track record of success, see #2 above.

    8. Journaling to work through weak spots in your confidence.

    Working through your insecurities on paper is magically cathartic.

    9. Asking a treasured friend or family member to tell you what you're good at.

    There is a saying that you can't see the label of a bottle when you're looking out from inside the bottle. In other words, getting someone else's perspective on what you're doing, what you're good at, and frankly even what you are not so good at, can elucidate a lot about you that you are challenged to see yourself. You might find out that you are better and stronger than you thought you were.

    10. Studying confident people.

    Reading biographies of your heroes is a great way to learn how hugely successful and confident people got to be the way they are. You will also learn that even these mighty lords of the universe are in fact human and have been challenged with their own self-doubt at times.

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