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Best sports to learn for young people

Best sports to learn for young people

    1. A martial art

    It is good for your help and teaches you self-defense. Jiu-jitsu with some sort of striking is probably the best thing to learn. Wrestling is also a good one.

    2. Basketball

    Requires a lot of different coordination skills. It's also played mostly indoors, so you don't have to mess with the elements. You learn some team sports skills. You don't get beat up like other team sports.

    3. Golf, tennis, ping pong

    A racquet sport of some kind is also good. You can play your whole life. It is good socially. It teaches you to rely on yourself. Racquet sports are also really hard.

    4. Soccer

    Lot of fun to play. Don't find it fun to watch, though. Very good exercise. You get to run on grass, which isn't bad for your body.

    5. Snowboarding or skiing

    I've never done either. Just seems cool.

    6. Skateboarding

    Fun. And it allows you to travel faster than walking.

    7. Biking

    Similar to the above. Can be dangerous if you are doing BMX or road biking.

    8. Flag football

    A lot of fun. No tackling, so not bad for your brain/body.

    9. Weight lifting

    You don't need to do anything fancy. Just good for your life. Good to know the basics.

    10. Swimming

    Seems so boring to me, but is a nice life skill.

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