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bests idea for a saas business

    1. Email marketing for lawyers

    I would love to see a SaaS that does email marketing for lawyers.

    2. A better survey platform

    There are a few platforms but none of them are great. SurveyMonkey is the biggest but their customer service is terrible and they have too many limitations.

    3. An improved version of Chargebee or ConvertKit for subscription businesses

    I use both of these but they each have issues that need to be fixed.

    4. A better version of Mailchimp for small ecommerce businesses

    There's an open source project called "Campaigner" that could be turned into a SaaS.

    5. A better version of ConvertKit for authors who write on platforms like Medium or Amazon or self-publish.

    ConvertKit has some functionality (like "tagging") but it's not as good as other systems used by authors to manage their lists and newsletters and special offers etc.

    6. A better version of Chargebee for restaurants and other retail businesses that have multiple locations and want to run promotions at various locations while tracking ROI across all locations.

    Again, there's an open source project called "Openbills" that could be turned into a SaaS.

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