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bests idea for a saas business

    1. A knowledge sharing platform

    People are always asking "what are the best books", "what are the best courses", "what are the best productivity hacks", etc.

    2. A site where people can post their job search and others can help them

    I've helped many people with their job searches but I wish there was a platform where people could post what they are looking for and others could give advice.

    3. A site where people can share their ideas for businesses they want to start and get feedback from others.

    There's so many ideas out there that never get acted on. There's a reason why so many fail (and why VCs fail so much). People need feedback from other entrepreneurs to make sure they have thought of every angle before starting a business.

    4. An Uber-like service for deliveries

    There's all sorts of delivery services out there but none seem to be very good at it. Maybe an Uber-like model would work or maybe something else but it seems like an area ripe for improvement.

    5. A site where former employees of companies can share stories about what it is really like working there, especially if they left under difficult circumstances.

    Sort of like glassdoor but more honest. Bad reviews might hurt some businesses but better to know about these things up front than after you've invested time and money in learning a skill set that won't be applicable at some future job because you're not going to work at a company run by someone who has such poor management skills he gets his employees fired two years later when he needs them most .

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