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Beyond Money (1 min 51 sec)

Beyond Money (1 min 51 sec)

    1. We have a fear of the future.

    We stockpile riches out of fear, believing that accumulating wealth will provide security and protection against potential future hardships. 
    True security lies in recognizing our inherent connection to the Divine. 
    The pursuit of external wealth as a means of security is an illusion, as it reinforces the belief in separation and perpetuates fear. 

    2. We have a desire for security.

    Our desire for financial security drives us to stockpile riches. 
    True security does not come from external circumstances but from the recognition of our true nature.
    We are sustained and supported by God regardless of our financial status. While responsible financial planning is wise, we must shift our reliance from material wealth to the abundance of love and trust in divine providence.

    3. We are predisposed to gluttony and greed.

    As humans, we have a natural tendency towards excessive consumption and the desire for more than what is necessary. 
    Our behaviors are part of the ego's thought system.
    The pursuit of external wealth driven by greed stems from a belief in lack and a sense of separation from others. 
    Greed perpetuates the illusion that happiness and fulfillment come from amassing material possessions. 
    We must learn to recognize that true abundance lies in sharing, giving, and extending love to others. 
    The accumulation of wealth for its own sake leads to emptiness. Genuine fulfillment arises from connecting with others and recognizing our shared purpose.

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