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Biometrics Worth Tracking (Redux Without AI)

I created the last list with the NotePD AI and I'm pretty satisfied with the results - still I had the original thought myself and wanted to try and fill out the list myself. I'll try not to consult yesterday's list.

The goal is to come up with a list of all the measurements you'd want in real-time (say, on an app).

    1. Heart Rate Variability

    I have an app called 'StressScan' that measures stress levels according to how much your heart rate varies over the course of a minute while sitting still. Ideally, you'd know your stress levels at various intervals during the day.

    2. Breath Rate

    Especially the depth of your breathing - are you breathing from the diaphragm or more shallowly?

    3. Ghrelin and hunger hormones

    Are you legitimately hungry or just bored? Are you stress eating or actually needing fuel?

    4. Muscle Tension

    If you carry tension in your shoulders, for example, knowing when you are unconsciously tensing up would be valuable info.

    5. Blood Pressure

    Not just knowing your baseline, but watching how it reacts to your environment and behaviours.

    6. Blood Sugar

    More hunger/energy management

    7. Hydration Level

    Are you getting enough water?

    8. Brain Activity

    I don't know what markers they could look for (I'm not a neuroscientist) but tracking when and how you are focused vs scattered or in other states of mental (in)activity could be valuable information.

    9. Eye Movement

    10. Cortisol

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