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Blog posts I could write

I've started turning my best lists into blog posts.  But best lists won't last forever.  What else could I write about?

Blog posts I could write

    1. My takeaways from quotes

    Why do I love certain quotes?  What do I take away from them?

    2. Stoic solutions to ____

    Described some common problems and offer stoic solutions.  I could provide quotes to help back up my claim that they are stoic.

    3. Mental Reframes

    I've already written about 10.  I feel I could make this into a series and write loads more.

    4. Book Takeaways

    I started doing this a while back, but stopped.  It would be nice to write a series on my top ten takeaways from books.

    5. What I've learnt this week

    A series that will never end.  

    6. Courage

    A series of ways to build courage.

    Voluntery suffering.  - cold showers, wearing cheep clothes, sleeping on the floor ect.  All ways to remind you that things aren't as bad as you first think.

    7. Current Events

    I don't really care for news, but It might bring in more views.  Maybe I could do a stoic take on it.

    Breaking: My thoughts on the X and Y controversy

    It doesn't consern me.

    And I can post equality bland responses for each topic.

    8. Help

    Whenever someone asks for help I can make a blog post on it, because if one person needs help it's likely others do.

    9. Projects I'm working on

    Share what I'm working on, as I'm working on it.  This will allow me to fix mistakes I have missed early on.  This also makes theft easier, but if I build a following people will know who created the real version.

    10. Comics

    I'll redo and upload all my comics to my blog 

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