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Blueprint to make your first million with an online course (even with zero followers)

Hey Mike! Couple ideas to help you monetize your message with that "Crypto Tax Insider" course concept...

Blueprint to make your first million with an online course (even with zero followers)

    1. Give Then Get // Be the tax savings strategist for crypto influencers

    Everyone with crypto wants to minimize taxes but doesn't know how and doesn't know who to trust. Be that guy for crypto influencers. Consistently overdeliver jaw-dropping value and knowledge bombs. Expect nothing in return. Do that enough and when they trust you they'll shout you out to their audience. BOOM. You've just skipped the years it takes to build your own audience which you didn't want to do anyway.

    2. Show what you know

    Create a newsletter on or similar. Load it up with your 20 best strategies. Back date the posts so it looks like you've released it weekly for 20 weeks. Share the link when you need to show what you know so your prospect influencers can sell themselves that you know your stuff before you even talk to them.

    3. Big things start small

    Start simple. Create a one page personal "online business card" site on or or similar. Grab as a domain at or similar. Put a little bio and some related career highlights. Link to your newsletter to show what you know. Put contact info - email/social links. Don't expect to be found. Use this to look good online.

    4. Ask not assume // Poll a partner influencer's audience

    Don't guess what the market wants! Ask 'em! Partner up with the biggest influencer you can get to pay attention. Set up a poll using google forms or similar asking them the top 3-5 things they want to know most. Include an "other" choice where they can submit their own ideas.

    5. Pre-sell a simple mini masterclass product

    Don't believe people want it until they actually pay. So pre-sell the product first. Create a sales page for a mini masterclass (under an hour of teaching with a knowledge bomb every 3 minutes). Create pricing that goes up every X # of buyers (10, 30, etc.) - example: Buyer 1 pays $50, Buyer 11 pays $60, etc. This is some scarcity that gets people to buy now and not wait. Many more sales strategies to consider like countdown timers, limited time offers/bonuses, etc.

    Influencer promotes link to audience. If it hits sales goals, you make the product. If not, tweak or move on. You haven't wasted time building something the market doesn't want.

    6. Get the founding members to help you build exactly what they want

    Again, ask not assume. Ask the buyers exactly what they want to learn. Involve them as "founding members." They get bonuses, discounts, discounts on future courses, swag, etc. in exchange for being extra involved and giving you feedback and a testimonial you can use for marketing after the course.

    7. Do more of what's working // Turn the course into an evergreen product

    Turn the course into an evergreen product. Sell it 4x per year for scarcity. Otherwise they can sign up for alerts for the next session. This builds scarcity and lets you maximize your focus on other aspects of your business during the off times.

    8. Scale up sales with Power Partners

    Once the product is launched and tweaked, it's time to scale up sales. The easy way is to incentivize influencers to join your Power Partner affiliate program. They shout out your course and make a % of every buyer that uses their special promo code/link, etc. Line up a few new influencers to promote each time you offer your course and stay on the radar of your past affiliates. Gamify with an affiliate competition with a leaderboard and prizes for top 3 affiliates - everybody likes to win, right?

    9. Give more (value) than you get

    Make sure each student is blown away with the value you offer and they'll tell their buddies. You get what you want after you help enough other people get what they want (thanks Zig Ziglar). The other way around never lasts.

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