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Board games I enjoyed as a kid that I'd like to revisit with my kids

Board games I enjoyed as a kid that I'd like to revisit with my kids

    1. Hero Quest

    Hasbro/Avalon Hill recently did a reboot of the game and I've been enjoying it with my boys. My teenage daughter isn't interested in playing it though, maybe too male-centric.

    2. Spellfire

    I never got into Magic: The Gathering. Instead, I played the Spellfire card game with my brother and cousins. I still have all the cards, and will probably introduce it to my kids eventually (once my 11 year old son breaks his habit of bending game cards!)

    3. Dungeons & Dragons

    I still have an old board game version from the early 90's in my basement. I also hear they're coming out with a new incarnation of the game. Maybe it's a good time to delve back into it with my kids

    4. Fireball Island

    It was a gimmicky game back in the early 90s (or was it late 80s?). They also rebooted this one in a smarter, more compact way. I bought it for my 8 year old son for his birthday, but we never gave it a serious chance yet.

    5. Mouse Trap

    I had always wanted this game when I was a kid. Not sure if it would even be fun these days. It seems a bit tacky now, but who knows? Maybe we'd have a blast playing it.

    6. Blood Wars

    Another collectible card game that I still have. I don't think it was as fun as Spellfire, but I liked the art style of the cards.

    7. Crossbows & Catapults

    I remember this was great fun as a kid. We build our plastic castles and try to wreck each other with toy crossbows and catapults.

    8. Risk

    I played this with my boys a couple years ago and they loved it. We should play it again with more members of the family (mo' peepz, mo' fun)

    9. Battleship

    I did buy a rebooted version of the game for my kids for a birthday, but unfortunately I bought some weird version where you bounce balls to try to sink the opponents' ships. It sucked. That game just wasn't any fun. I think eventually we lost some parts and some parts broke, so I just trashed it (and nothing of value was lost). I should try playing the original version again.

    10. Scrabble

    I've always been a big reader and excellent speller, so I've always enjoyed Scrabble. My kids are pretty good with words as well. I think we'd have a blast playing Scrabble as a family.

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