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Your problems are not unique. Your product might be, but you're all doing the same silly stuff over and over. 

    1. Your UI is not the problem

    It might suck, or it could be great, but your product isn't your UI. Stop being obtuse about thinking a better UI will solve the fact that nobody gives a crap about your product. That's nonsensical.

    2. You Don’t Know Anything About Your Customers

    Except how much they might be willing to spend. And even then you get it wrong. Pay attention and stop dreaming (also known as Smoking Your Own Crack)

    3. Your Sales People Run Your Business

    You're screwed if you let your sales people dictate your business goals. They will, as is their job, sell any whacky idea to get a whale to sign. Then it's your problem when you have to bend over backwards to break your product to fit that whale's custom needs.

    Then the whale leaves anyway and now you wasted all that money and time on stuff that nobody wants.

    knock It off - make something worth selling. Sell reality, not some crazy fictional future chasing a big temporary payout.

    4. You Think Marketing Happens On Its Own (Magically)

    Your website is not enough. It's one point of contact in a sea of points of contact.

    Your copy sucks and you hide all your precious "IP" behind a "contact us for a demo" form.

    Nobidy is stealing your ideas. They're just stealing your business with their transparency and honesty. 

    Someone has to take charge of this work. It's not a small job. 

    If nobody knows you exist, you don't exist.

    5. You Think You Have Unique and Special Problems

    You assuredly do not. 

    Everybody has churn. Everybody has tech debt. Everybody has out of control sales people. Everybody has internal momentum that makes gatekeeping attractive. Everybody has customer service overload. 

    You might think this is some insanely special scenario, and maybe you have a cool niche product that isn't commonly addressed, but your product processes are broken in all the same ways.

    Stop with the special snowflake routine and get it together.

    6. There are more and I’m fired up so hold tight

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