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Books I got at the Library book sale on June 4: List #2, Elizabeth Peters

Elizabeth Peters is a prolific writer of historical fiction. She holds a PhD in Egyptology from the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute. She has won the Agatha award, was named Grandmaster at the inaugural Anthony awards (1986), and Grandmaster by the Mystery Writers of America at the Edgar Awards in 1998.

I am half way through #1 below, a fun, easy read. I have more Peters books that I will list tomorrow, Monday.

    1. Borrower of the Night

    Vicky Bliss #1. Vicky Bliss is an art historian seeking a missing masterwork. She faces either supernatural evil inhabitants of a castle or someone frighteningly real who is willing to kill for the art.

    2. Street of the Five Moons

    A Vicky Bliss Novel. Her boss has a replica of a Charlemagne talisman that was found sewn into the suit pocket of an unknown man found dead in an alley. How it got there and who the man is - is only the beginning of a puzzle that leads Vicky to Rome - and treachery and high stakes.

    3. Trojan Gold

    A Vicky Bliss novel. Vicky receives a photograph of a famous portrait that leads to a thousand questions. The photograph turns out to be contemporary suggesting that the Trojan gold - thought to vanish at the end of WW II - has been found. Vicky, and the others who received the photograph gather for Christmas and hopefully rediscover the lost treasure.

    4. Silhouette in Scarlet

    A Vicky Bliss novel. Vicky receives a message from a former lover, jewel theif John Smythe. She follows him to Stockholm in hopes of finding a lost treasure. The hunt for a fifth century chalice threatens to turn deadly as Vicky is in the way of a gang of ruthless criminals. Vicky is taken captive to lead an excavation, and digging too deep could lead Vicky to dig her own grave. (probably my next read)

    5. Tomb of the Golden Bird

    From the Amelia Peabody series. Radcliffe Emerson, Amelia's husband, is an Egyptologist who dreams of unearthing Tutankhamon. They watch as Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter "discover" the treasure. Carnarvon and Carter fall into a trap and it falls to Amelia to protect her family from a devastating truth that threatens peace in the region.

    6. The Camelot Caper

    Jessica Tregarth visits her grandfather in England. Her luggage is stolen by a stranger who later accosts her in Salisbury Cathredral. Jessica is pursued by criminals through Cornwall, but no one knows why - Jessica's only clue is an heirloom she possesses, a ring with the Tregarth crest. Her "protector" is novelist David Randall who comes out of nowhere to help Jessca solve a five hundred-year-old puzzle. Something out of Arthurian lore has come back to plague a frightened American abroad.

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