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Books that will improve your thinking

I don't like being told what to think 'X is true ' , but I seek out better ways on how to think 'heres why X is true '. Here's a list of book's that helped to improve my thinking.

    1. 80/20 rule

    What I got from this is that 80% is often good enough.  This applies for everyone.

    Could this be better?  Sure everything could, but is it 80% good? Yes.  That's more than good enough.

    You'll save time, energy and move forward at a much faster pace.

    2. The parasitic mind

    Gad explains why so many of the 'woke' topics of today are due in part to poor thinking.  He break's down why it's bad and how you should properly think about different topics.  Loved this book.

    3. Win Bigly

    A book all about persuasion.  If you're amazed at how anyone could like nevermind love Trump, read this.  By the time you finish you may even respect the guy yourself.

    It's not just Trump everyone uses persuasion, knowing what to look out for will allow you to be one step ahead and increase your chances of getting what you want out of life.

    4. Factfulness

    This book will teach you how often we misread data and how often bad readings are fed to us to help push certain narratives.  If you take any interest in the news, read this.  It will make spotting fake news far easier and it will allow you to debunk bad readings before people expand their narrative upon the bad readings.

    5. How to think like a Roman emperor

    This book will teach you how to think like a Stoic.  It will give you the tools needed to be your own therapist (for the most part). If you suffer from any mental health issues I'd recommend this.  It might not fix everything, but surely a reduction is worth it? Right?

    6. 12 rules for life

    Simple rules to live by, but in-depth reasoning behind each one.  This will teach you how complex even simple things can be.  This is telling you what to think, but he explains why so well that you learn how to think in the process.

    7. Mental Models

    Mental models are different ways of thinking.  Thinking differently depending on the situation will lead to different results.  Highly recommended 

    8. Loserthink

    He explains bad ways of thinking and provides you with better ways of thinking.  This is good because it shows you just how poor our current way of thinking could be.

    9. Meditations

    Marcus Aurelius journal.  This was a book full of his random thoughts.  He's seen to be one of the greatest thinkers ever.  Read this and you'll slowly pick up how to think in a similar way.

    If there's other books by great thinker's I'd recommend them too.

    10. Alchemy

    One of my favourite books.  Full of examples why people aren't as rational as you think.  After reading you'll react far more calmly to people acting irrationally.  It will also change how you try and persuade people.
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