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Brainsparker 2022-08-24

I want to try to generate an idea - any idea - from five sparks. Today's brainspark entries. What do these spark?

    1. Quantify the risks

    Starts to make me think about investing - and retirement - which is 7 days away!

    2. Create your own board game and play it

    Monopoly has been done and well overused. What about a game based on index arbitrage? Everyone needs a supercomputer to buy/sell across markets, but we have those in our pockets now.

    Last night, I added 512 GB to my Moto Stylus 2021. More memory than all the memory in my laboratory Sun workstations combined, circa early '90s

    3. Creativity knows no boundaries

    I am stepping down from an administrative position at a university where we have tried hard to help students see the art in science and the science in art. I don't know if this is a success or work in progress. It isn't a failure, for sure. Why do we wait until the college years to teach design and design principles, which I think are the undergirding factor.

    4. Breathe in and say "I let go of self-doubt"

    Two thoughts come to mind. First, I wonder which Brainsparker pack this came from. Secondly, this is a very simple mantra that is probably all too easy to forget. And when would it be appropriate to teach this to children? When, on average, do children begin to doubt themselves? There are no simple answers or simple cures (the above is probably too hard for kids) but it is well understood that schools beat creativity out of kids. What does that have to do with self doubt?

    5. What's your greatest fear?

    At the moment, my greatest fear is that my spinal cord tumor would reappear. I do not want to have to go through that surgery again.

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