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Brainsparker 2022-08-25

After a nice long deck shuffle this morning, which allowed me to get the list set up and have a nice long sip of suitably warm coffee.

    1. needs

    The first thing that comes to mind is US government forgiving student loans somewhere between US $10k and US $20k depending on a lot of rules I have not read. I feel for students and their families, especially those first time students trying to make it out of difficult situations. What I take issue with is the criticism I read about this morning, that colleges and universities would capitalize on this loan forgiveness act to raise tuition. That just isn't the case in the non-profit sector, where 80% or more of a budget is personnel. No one is going to get fat raises over this and survive politically.

    2. "After the fourth angry customer, he was nearly at his limit..."

    Maybe #1 was the germ of an essay or commentary that requires more research. This is more of a memoir, when I used to work at a gasoline station in the early '70s during gas rationing. Finally, the boss caught on to the fact that we would periodically close the station down to allow cooler heads to prevail. Nevertheless, I got fired and found a part-time job in the nascent personal computer industry.

    3. engrossed

    I read fast using a variety of aids - My favorite is Moon Reader + (An Android app) which can automatically scroll line by line (you set the speed). I have used a number of implementations of RSVP (including Word Runner in Kindle). Besides, Moon Reader, I like Spreeder, which allows the reader to control speed, fixation size and saccades.

    I just don't understand the "Bionic Reader" hype with which the reader introduces artificial fixations and saccades. It might work on monitors, but I have not been able to render a document with the BR parameterization. If someone knows how to do this, please let me know. Thanks!

    4. Where in your life could you practice patience?

    Where in my life couldn't I practice patience? Today, I followed the medical transport too closely. I don't need to be out the door at 8:15 and in the office at 8:30. I eat slow, I relax at a comfortable speed. I do not interact with a lot of people, but I drive too fast, especially for someone mildly disabled.

    5. think of your user. what is his or her greatest need?

    I'll be retiring next week, so I am naturally reflecting on a long career in academia, My user is the student; his/her greatest need is to be equipped with an education that will prepare her/him for the workforce of tomorrow. There are no easy answers to the following questions: Is college too expensive? Is it necessary for everyone? How do we hold institutions accountable for affordable education? These are the things on my mind as I pack up my desk.

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