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break free from the past

Think about your past. Most often your past is filled with bad memories, mistreatment, grievances, or regrets.
The past is the only place where you can build a case for victimization. 
And if many of you are honest with yourselves you'll have to agree that you've been holding onto your victimization story far too long.
The ego's game is to make you be right and to make others wrong. 
Haven't you noticed that you're always the good guy/girl in your story while someone else is the bad guy/girl?
You're the saint and the rest of the world are sinners. 
It's high time we break free from the past.
"God's idea of grace is bigger than your idea of karma." - Alan Cohen

    1. I'm never upset for the reason I think.

    Am I feeling angry, anxious, distressed, depressed, furious, in pain, or worried?
    I think I'm upset because I believe Mary cut me off in traffic.
    I think I'm upset because I believe Bob was unkind to me.
    I think I'm upset because I believe I just lost my life's savings.
    I think I'm upset because of what Sean is doing, being, or having.
    I'm either upset or I'm at peace - there is no in-between.
    I can't make artificial distinctions between an upset. Upset is upset is upset.

    What's the source? Because we always believe there's a source for our being upset.

    What's the feeling associated with the upset? There's always a feeling/emotion associated with the upset.

    My anger is always based on my own misinterpretation and never on the facts.
    I have to believe in attack before I can believe that I am justified for being  upset.
    Because if I were not planning to attack someone based on an emotion that I'm feeling what would be the use of my being upset?
    My upset needs a target and that is you and you and you and you.
    My being upset is never justified.
    My being a victim or victimized is impossible.
    My being mistreated is impossible.
    What God created cannot sin and cannot be corrupted.

    2. I see only the past.

    No one I've met has ever been able to show me the past.
    They'll talk about the past.
    They'll lament the past.
    They'll harbor regrets about the past.
    Many are grateful the past is over.
    Many long for the past to return.
    But the past only exists as a thought in the mind and can only be experienced Now.
    I only see my past ideas, thoughts, and memories.
    I'm giving the ideas, the thoughts, and the memories all the meaning they have for me.
    Do I actually see this platform for what it is or am I just remembering?
    For example, if this was my first time hearing about Notepd.com would I know what it's for? I don't know anything. I don't know what it will feel like to pen my ideas daily. I don't know how others will respond to my ideas.
    I don't see the platform as it is now. All I see is my past associations and memories about it.

    3. I'm upset because I see something that's not there.

    If I see only the past I clearly see the already gone.
    If it's already gone then that means that is not here.
    If it's not here then I must be seeing something that is not here.
    I'm seeing something that is not there.
    By judging I'm always introducing something new to my experience of a person, place, or thing.
    Has anyone ever said to you, "you see what you want to see?"

    4. My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.

    Past and future are not here and I spend so much time thinking about nothing.
    What happened in the past? It doesn't matter, it's gone.
    What will happen in the future? It doesn't matter, it's not here.
    The past thoughts that I'm preoccupied with are not good or evil, actually, they do not exist.
    Thoughtless ideas are filling up my attention while the Truth is blocked.
    The Truth is, it's one way but I wish it were another way.
    My mind is preoccupied with thoughts of what he or she said.
    My mind is preoccupied with thoughts of what he or she did.
    My mind is preoccupied with thoughts about what I did in the past.
    My mind is preoccupied with thoughts about what I believe was done to me in the past.
    My mind is preoccupied with thoughts about nothing.

    5. This is about tapping into something much larger than my own intellect.

    I trust the process.
    I understand there are things that are lodged in my mind that are in the way of experiencing pure joy.
    I want to listen to The Voice of Love not continue to be a slave to thoughts about the past.

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