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Breaking Breakfast

I sometimes look in my fridge in the morning and see last night's leftovers... why can't I have those first thing in the morning? Why are there rules around what is 'breakfast food'? Here are some foods I'm daring myself to have for breakfast

    1. Pizza

    A lot of 'breakfast' foods already have bread, cheese and even meat. So does Pizza

    2. Hamburger

    You may not think of beef as a breakfast meat, but you can get steak and eggs at a lot of diners.

    3. Spaghetti

    Breakfast foods have carbohydrates often. But why do they have to be in bread form? Why not noodles?

    4. Soup

    A liquid breakfast might be easier on the stomach... and if you're feeling under the weather, you could start with chicken noodle soup.

    5. French Fries

    Why do we do hash browns? Nobody's fooling anybody - we want fried potatoes, just give us french fries.

    6. Curry

    Breakfast Burritos and Breakfast Sandwiches made with Chorizo can be spicy. Maybe spicy food can help wake you up!

    7. Chicken Wings

    See above for spicy, or a sweet BBQ sauce would be good.

    8. Ice Cream

    There's already plenty of sugar and dairy in common breakfast foods, let's just go all the way!

    9. Popcorn

    My brother survived his teens doing this, and he turned out OK.

    10. Salad

    Most of these are pretty unhealthy, but we can break the breakfast foods on the healthier side of things too. Besides, you're more likely to get your required helpings and eat more salad if you're hungry after around 8 hours of fasting.

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