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Brief NotePD Round Up

A few things that caught my eye.

    1. A good solution to combining key and wallet

    @Mario would like to see this. It's well on it's way I think. My cellphone case has compartment big enough for 2 credit cards plus I have another pocket that sticks to the back that can hold one more card and a little cash. Entry to your house can be a keypad and where newer cars start with a fob, why couldn't a fob evolve to be credit card sized and go in a setup like I have on my phone? Side note; horrible picture on my license.


    2. I am comfortable with not following the crowd

    A couple of points from @BillBergeman about being an introvert. I write about this one all the time. Knowing when to go against the crowd, when to be orthogonal to society is a crucial life skill.

    3. I never feel lonely when I'm doing something alone

    More from Bill, huge difference between being alone and being lonely. Being comfortable with yourself in this context makes your life much easier.

    4. Something I will add on being an introvert

    I definitely lean this way but not sure if I am a true introvert. However, I totally believe in the importance of social interaction. Volunteering is a great way to get meaningful interpersonal interaction without the discomfort of figuring out what to talk about when there's nothing to actually say.

    5. 12 Key Points from Deep Survival

    Good list from @Trailplodder. I think it's related, start sizing up a situation as soon as you possibly can. This is relevant on fire department calls for service as an example. A few weeks ago, my wife and I were on our way back from dinner in town. We were almost home when the radio went off for a motorcycle accident that coincidentally we were only 30 seconds away from getting to.

    As we approach and as I am getting out of our car I start scanning to take in anything that might be relevant. I saw the motorcycle was upside down up an embankment before I even saw the patient. The positioning of the bike alone was enough to know this was a serious accident. The patient's head was cocked to the side and there were signs of vomit on the patient's face and helmet and one of their legs was positioned oddly. 15-20 seconds of scanning was enough to know they would need to go in a helicopter to a level 1 trauma center (we don't have one in Prescott). This technique can be used on many other fronts.

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