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Building a support network

Had a therapy session recently and realized I have not built a strong support network. I'd like to change that. I'd love for people to add their ideas in the comments

    1. Attend events around interests

    I really want to go to the Buddhist temple in my town for group meditation. I went to the rock and gem show, which was lame. I'm sure events are hit and miss.

    2. 6 minute networking.

    reach out to people I already know, but may not have talked to recently on a set schedule. This was covered in the Skip The Line book.

    3. Actually be active on social media

    I'm not, but I should be. Creating content instead of consuming attracts people of similar interests.

    4. The parents of my kids friends

    Probably good people to know

    5. Create my own mastermind

    I could probably do several. Plus the mastermind principle Napoleon Hill talks about would be a great power to harness.

    6. Find events around causes I support

    Just searched "autism events near me" on Google and found several. One is tomorrow and gets my kid into a pretty cool indoor theme park type thing for free.

    7. Find volunteer opportunities around causes and things I support

    Like minded people. Just another search away. I always like the people I meet when donating blood.

    8. Civic organizations

    Rotary meets every Wednesday. Lions club is another. What else? I guess I can go to a meeting for free before joining because I have no idea what they really do.

    9. Go to dinner with other couples

    good to make friends as a couple. Being married with kids leaves little time for other things, and is the main reason my support network is less than I'd like.

    10. Host events

    Just read The 2 Hour Cocktail Party book. Seems like a great way to meet people and build my network.

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