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Building your personal brand is an invaluable asset.

It always has been, but it used to be reserved for the elite.

Not anymore. Technology and the power of social networks open this potential to everyone.

    1. An invaluable asset. Why?

    • An all-terrain parachute:
      • A layoff: it helps you find your next job or create your business.
      • A desire to change careers: it facilitates the transition
    • A honey pot. The Internet is not a mass but a niche medium. People who are interested will find you.
    • A growth gas pedal. Sharing content = Constantly learning. You must stay or become a constant learner. It's pretty reassuring. Even if you fail, you will have learned a lot.😀

    2. The problem?

    To succeed, you need time.

    Your personal brand needs an audience.

    The audience is your "Flywheel" that will produce the leads for:

    • Your dream job
    • A service you offer
    • A product you sell

    All of this comes with the audience you have developed.

    3. The solution?

    When I was a young salesman, I had a boss who always told me,"it's when everything goes well that everything goes wrong."

    In my context, it means you did a great quarter but be careful, keep developing your business, and learn new things. Don't sleep on your success.

    • It's easier to invest in your health when you have it.
    • It's easier to look for your next job when you have one.
    • It's easier to create financial independence when you're financially stable.

    And that goes for your personal brand, don't wait until you need it.

    4. No matter where you are now, your best option is to start today.

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