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Busy AF List

I've been missing in action on NotePD lately. For whatever reason, most of my various constituencies (we all have our own set of constituencies) have all needed attention and work.

    1. The year is ending

    A challenge by @metaforyou that I don't fully understand but my blogging added a whole new dimension/topic in 2022, exploring the concepts of return stacking and capital efficiency in portfolio construction. I'd touched on these concepts before but that was before this terminology existed. It'd be great if I found some other concept to dive into with the same detail.

    My blog address is https://rogersplanning.blogspot.com/

    2. Fiction book challenge

    I have not read a ton but reading Catcher In The Rye in what I think was 5th or 6th grade had a big impression on me. While I don't know that it would be important to me now, it's one that I think young people would benefit by reading.

    3. Are There Things You Wished You Liked But You Don’t?

    A list by @annbeaudet. This is a thought provoking question. I don't have an answer for now but I want to think on this one a bit.


    4. How do you go about New Years Resolutions?

    A challenge by @easymoneyme. Funny thing, I've never been into resolutions. They've never resonated as a way for me to make things happen. I tend to just start things with no end point in mind and see where it goes. Some things go very far and some things go nowhere after maybe learning I'm not that interested...maybe a nod to number 3 on this list.

    5. 10 things I'm good at and could teach

    A list by @mventre. He includes fitness and exercise stuff which is fantastic. Nothing to add to Matt's list but one idea that I love is that if you can't explain a concept so that a child could understand it, then you don't understand that concept very well.


    6. 2023 Goals

    This might overlap with number 1 and number 4 but there are a lot of lists and challenges related to goals for 2023. I have no goals. I've never been goal oriented. I can't be the only one. It is ok to simply pursue something, trying to learn and improve and simply accept where it goes.

    7. Worst jobs

    My worst job was also my most important job. For a short time I worked at a huge money management firm, this was about 20 years ago. Toxic isn't a strong enough word to describe the culture but what I learned in my 10 months there became the foundation for a fantastic career.

    8. 10 strategies for finding creative solutions

    A list by @wyip I would add my experience from the fire department (I have a side gig as the chief of an all volunteer fire department), I encourage members of the department to be involved with solving any issue they find or weigh in on. The group has a ton of varying experiences. I'm not the chief because I have all the answers, I don't, not even close but I can often figure out the right question to ask and I live close to the station house.


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