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Care Instructions for Me

I saw a video that house plants come with instructions on the right amount of sunlight, water, etc. needed to keep them thriving, and that the problem was that humans don't come with similar instructions - especially since we all have slightly different needs once you go beyond the basics.

It was given as a journalling exercise to devise a set of care instructions for yourself.

    1. Quiet

    With the exception of music (see below), the quieter the environment, the better.

    2. Movement

    My family has observed my mood improvement when I get some exercise.

    3. Power Chords/Music

    I have catalogued feeling down and noticing how long it has been since I listened to music (that I enjoy, not what my kids ask me to put on). Some rock n' roll is usually a safe bet.

    4. Touch

    My surname literally means "Kiss-Man". I like hugs and kisses, and physical affection (romantic or platonic) in general.

    5. Input

    The 5 Strengths I have (as identified by Strengths Finder) are Intellection, Input, Consistency, Learner and ideation. The input can be fed with movies, books, articles, podcasts, etc.

    6. Novelty

    I also took the EVO personality test which classified me as an 'Alchemist'. Alchemists thrive on Novelty; we're naturally more curious about things that are new and strange to us.

    7. Variety

    Alchemists can apparently get bored and distracted easily, and I've always believed variety is the spice of life.

    8. Food

    We all need to eat, but I'm enough of a foodie to enjoy food as a cultural experience, or a hedonistic one, or as a bonding experience.

    9. Laughter

    Laughter has healing power, it feels good to feel good. When watching TV, I've always preferred sitcoms.

    10. Listening/Appreciation

    Being ignored is a stressful trigger for me.

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