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Dr brief


careers i can roll my current skill set into

    1. investing - recognizing industry patterns

    15 years in the marijuana industry i’ve predicted down markets no one would listened to.

    2. consulting - industry knowledge

    one effective way to reduce overhead is knowing which products to keep according to the seasons

    3. purchase manager - technology integration

    there are still grow supply store owner operators with $10+ million in annual revenue still using pad and pen to make purchase orders.

    4. field sales - i hear and listen

    end users never know what they want even if they are certain, i’ve learned to listen to what they’re saying and not saying that gives me an edge to better serve people

    5. restauranteur - selling food is still selling

    i understand consistency is some times more important than quality, McDonalds is successful because of the consistency of shitty food

    6. car salesman - i’d kill myself first

    understanding human behavior and being acute to peoples reactions has been factors to my success

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