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Careers that don't exist but should

A list of careers that society needs to create

    1. In-house Counsel

    Someone who lives in an apartment building or condo and represents the interests of the building with regards to the tenants. Like, if someone is renting out their apartment on Airbnb every other weekend and not paying condo fees, then the in-house counsel would make sure that person pays. Or if someone wants to open a business in their apartment then they have to get approval from the condo board which the in-house counsel would help with.

    2. Name Wrangler

    Someone who helps celebrities change their names so they can start fresh and nobody searches for them on Google with their old name.

    For instance, Iman has a new career as "Ima" and she needs a new name so people don't search for her being married to David Bowie. So she comes up with "Imabridgetoo" (an example) and needs someone to help her make it stick.

    Some people think this job already exists but it doesn't. There's no such thing as a "name agent".

    3. Robotic Repairperson

    I heard about this one on a podcast recently but I forget which one. Basically, there are many robots being used by companies like Amazon or Domino's for instance to deliver packages or pizza orders. And sometimes these robots break down (like all machines do). So someone would go around fixing these robots when they break down so they can continue doing whatever it is they were doing for their company (i.e., delivering pizzas). This job would be particularly useful if you live near Amazon warehouses where these things are breaking down all the time. Again, I forget which podcast mentioned this job but I'm sure there are many podcasts that did mention it because it is happening right now and will only get bigger as more jobs are lost due to automation (which is why we need more jobs created by automation).

    4. The Job Formerly Known As...

    This was described by Tim Urban on his blog "Wait But Why". Basically, let's say you're an accountant at some company and you've been there 20 years and have great relationships with your clients and everyone loves you and respects you because of your experience in accounting, etc., etc.,

    But then one day you get laid off because of some corporate downsizing decision made by people who know nothing about accounting or your particular industry or maybe even how your industry works at all (which is why we need people like Accountants Who Know How Accounting Works). s
    So what happens now? Well, you go around telling everyone you're still an accountant even though you're not at that company anymore because that's your brand identity now so companies will respect that brand identity since it took 20 years to build up that brand identity (and also because companies want experienced accountants who know how accounting works). Except now instead of just being an accountant at one company, you might be an accountant consultant for various companies depending on what niche industries within accounting you specialize in (for instance, tax law versus auditing versus investments versus private equity versus mergers & acquisitions) . And your resume should reflect all of those areas plus any additional training or certifications related to those areas since companies love that stuff when making hiring decisions about experienced accountants who know how accounting works .
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