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Careers to avoid

From a lifestyle perspective. Many of these can be lucrative, though.

    1. Politics

    Unless you are excited to be corrupted and/or let down.

    2. Law

    Know many lawyers who do quite well. I don't know one lawyer who enjoys what they do.

    3. Bar/Restaurant industry

    It's fun/exciting when you are young. Eventually, you won't want to work late nights and weekends. Even as an owner, very few restaurants make money or last very long. Tough industry.

    4. Sports

    Unless you are an athlete, you will be underpaid and overworked. A lot of nights and weekends too.

    5. Teaching

    Very tough. Underpaid. I can't think of a worse time to be a public K-12 educator. Parents are nuts, kids are bored, and teachers have to teach so students can pass a standardized test at the end of the year. Almost every teacher I know is trying to switch careers.

    6. Full-time trader

    Very stressful. A lot of pressure.

    7. Psychologist

    Hear about people's problems all day long. Noble profession. The psychologists I know have a lot of mental issues themselves. Maybe because it is depressing?

    8. Police Officer

    Around some tough people. Or you are handing out traffic tickets. Under a lot of scrutiny right now.

    9. Journalist

    Most don't make any money. Under tight deadlines. A lot of competition. Clickbait is the only way to garner any attention.

    10. Work in Hollywood

    Crazy people. Many are corrupt. Lot of competition and backstabbing.

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