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Celebrate risk-taking and the lessons from it

    1. Decide to celebrate when you take the first step towards a risky endeavor.

    2. Celebrate when you learn something new during the process of your risky endeavor.

    3. Track the new things you are learning just like any other milestone.

    4. Take moments to reflect how you have grown since you took the first step towards your risky endeavor.

    5. Designate people or events to cheer you up when you have negative thoughts and self doubt.

    6. Whenever you celebrate something includes events that produce anxiety, discomfort and potential embarrassment, but allow people to ultimately persevere and have a nice or funny story to tell.

    7. Try to pursue risky endeavors with people you like and trust rather than going at it alone.

    8. Find mentors or people you admire and try to get them to join your celebrations.

    9. Reframe failures as learning experiences and organize your celebration event around this theme.

    10. Make sure to celebrate other peoples risk taking and be supportive of their endeavors.

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