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Change is an illusion. (2 min 44 sec)

Change is an illusion. (2 min 44 sec)

    1. Change is the act of making something different.

    It encompasses various aspects such as behavior, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, habits, and environment. 
    Whether intentional or unintentional, change can have positive or negative outcomes, depending on the circumstances. 

    2. God is the unchangeable and the embodiment of eternal love.

    God is not bound by time and does not require improvement or progress.
    The idea of improving oneself implies a sense of incompleteness, which contradicts the notion of an unchanging and perfect God.

    3. The concept of change is applicable to the illusory world, where bodies appear to exist.

    However, the true essence of our being, which is unseen and eternal, cannot be improved upon.
    The focus should shift from attempting to improve the physical realm to recognizing the unchangeable nature of God and aligning ourselves with the ever-present love that permeates all existence.

    4. By understanding the illusory nature of the world and aligning our minds with the unchangeable love of God, we can navigate the process of change with clarity and purpose.

    5. True transformation goes beyond surface-level changes and encompasses having a shift in perception from fear to love.

    We must transcend the illusory world and discover the timeless Truth of our unchangeable nature.
    Only then can we embrace change as an opportunity to awaken to our inherent divinity and experience inner peace and fulfillment.

    6. Love challenges the conventional notion of improvement and progress by highlighting the unchangeable nature of God and the illusory nature of the physical world.

    Love invites us to shift our attention from external circumstances to the eternal Truth within.

    7. The pursuit of external change and improvement stems from a belief in lack and incompleteness.

    8. In the realm of illusion, change seems necessary for growth and progress. However, I would encourage us to question the validity of this belief and explore the deeper truth of our unchangeable nature.

    Shifting our focus from external circumstances to inner alignment with the Eternal Love of God, we experience a profound transformation that transcends the limitations of the changing world.

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