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Change the Way Your Look At Fear Forever (10 Ideas)

FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real

    1. When we hold a space for fear, we always learn something.

    What does it mean to hold space for fear?
    It means to allow fear to be what it is for you. Allow the intense emotion of fear "to be" without making it out to be more than what it is.
    Fear is just an uncomfortable emotion in the body that is triggered by the mind (nothing more or nothing less) Some of the intense emotions that may be coupled with fear are greed, guilt, shame, anger, etc.
    When we become the watcher of fear rather than identifying with it, fear has no power over us.

    2. Fear has no agenda.

    It is fear that stops most of us from putting a loaded gun to our temple and pulling the trigger. We seem to be okay with fear and it's protective nature until we attempt to do something that it asks us not to do (Ex. Approaching a gorgeous woman in the supermarket, asking for a raise). At this point fear become an enemy instead of an ally. In both incidences fear is just a SIGNAL about what's going on - Fear has no inherent power unless we give it such power. Fear has no agenda - it's innocent, waiting to be programmed by our thoughts. We've anthropomorphize fear.

    3. Fear robs us of the present moment.

    Once I move to my new apartment where there's less crime I won't be afraid anymore.
    Once I pass that million dollar mark I can take my foot off the gas a bit and just relax.
    Once I get to "heaven" I can stop being afraid of a punitive god.
    Fear says "your life will be better...just not right now"

    4. When we are willing to pay attention to fear - fear will enlighten us.

    We neglect fear.
    We don't spend any time with fear.
    We avoid fear.
    We give fear attributes that are non-native.
    We treat fear as the enemy.
    Fear is here to enlighten us if we'll allow it to.

    5. Fear breeds more fear.

    Fear is fertile. We best be careful where we drop our seeds.
    Have you ever known a worrywart before? Don't they seem to be worried about everything?
    Everyday is a pandemic. They seek out more things to be worried about.
    Fear begets more fear and fear has an insatiable appetite.

    6. No one is afraid of dying.

    We don't fear dying. We fear the idea of dying.
    We have a thought that someone is going to kill us (but we're not dead yet so what are we afraid of?) - Now let's assume the thing we feared (death) actually happened - what is there to be afraid of?
    All of the terror created in our minds are based on what we are thinking and believing - NOT - what's actually happening.

    7. The offshoots of fear are endless.

    It's no surprise that we are so afraid. Here's why:
    We believe that we're just a body with a beginning and an end instead of Love's eternal presence (the small self instead of the Big Self)
    We believe it's better to separate than to join as One.
    We choose suffering over peace.
    We choose to be angry over joy.
    We choose abandonment over connection.
    We choose fear over clarity.

    8. Our imaginary experiences are already happening.

    I fear _______________.
    I'm afraid that ______________ will happen.
    These imaginary experiences of something terrible is going to happen is already at our front door.
    Everything happens to us twice in life - Mental ----> Physical
    What is worse than the mental hell that we're already in?
    The damn thing hasn't even happened yet - we don't know if it's going to happen - we don't know how we're going to respond if it happens - if it happens it's not going to happen the way we've imagined that it would - YET MY BODY IS PRODUCING ALL THE CHEMICALS AS IF IT'S ALREADY HAPPENED - because I'm in a state of fear.

    9. It's not the experience - It's the belief.

    An experience, whether it be fear or something else, just is - neither good nor bad but thinking that makes it so.
    A belief that fear is out to get us is crushing. It steels our joy. It makes our world small. It makes the false appear real.

    10. Fear of the unknown.

    Unknown - not known or familiar.
    What is the "not known" or the "unfamiliar" filled with - Our imaginations.
    So in Truth we are afraid of our imaginations. We are afraid of something self-generated.
    We are afraid of our own stories - the ones we made up - the ones we gave birth to....
    Fear says: "Why you blaming me? I didn't do anything. I'm innocent"

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