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ChatGPT & Business

List some ways to work with ChatGPT to provide unique ideas for those who have online businesses

    1. Online courses

    Let's say you have a course that you sell for $500. Create a group on ChatGPT and charge $50/month to be part of the group. You give out lessons each week, answer questions, etc. You can even do this with free courses like on SkillShare or Udemy.

    2. Coaching

    Perhaps you're an entrepreneur looking for coaching on how to raise money from VCs. Or perhaps you want to learn how to play poker well. Or tennis, etc. Create a private chat room and charge $100/hour or whatever and coach people in real time as they ask questions or try out what you are teaching them.

    3. Writing projects

    I've seen people use ChatGPT to write articles for various sites (e.g. Medium) but I've never seen it used for writing books or anything like that (though I'm sure it has been). But let's say you have a book idea and want help getting it written and published (for instance, if it's a non-fiction book). Put up a group of 10 people who are interested in being your beta readers, put up some incentives ($100 Amazon gift card?), and get feedback on your book as you write it in real time with the help of the group members who are reading along with you as you write the chapters.

    4. Consulting

    If you are an expert in some field then set up groups where companies can come to discuss their issues and get advice from experts in the field. For instance, if I was doing this I might set up groups about "how to start a business", "how to raise money", "how to hire employees", etc. And then have CEOs of various startups come into the chat rooms every day at 3pm EST and ask questions about their specific situations so that we can all answer them together as experts in those fields (and maybe even reach out to other experts outside of ChatGPT).

    5. Gamification + Real-time feedback

    I wrote about this earlier but here's another example: Let's say someone wants to learn how to play chess well enough so they can beat their 5 year old child at chess (a common use case). They could create a private room where they invite their child and others who want to learn how to play chess well enough so they can beat their kids at chess. Then there could be leaderboards within that room showing which players are improving the most over time (or perhaps even against each other), etc., so everyone feels competitive about learning how best to play chess so they can beat their children at it (or whomever else is part of that room). The leaderboard would show which players are improving fastest over time so everyone will try harder not only because they want bragging rights but also because they want more rapid improvement than others in order to get higher on the leaderboard. This is gamification combined with real-time feedback loops which is probably one of the most powerful ways humans learn new things fast when combined with peer groups working together toward some goal or competition against each other while learning something new together.

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