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Choose Yourself: Chapter 2: Permanently Temporary - 10 Insights

Change is...
the only constant
fact of life
is growth

    1. Student loan debt is a result not a cause. You cannot solve a problem on the same level in which is was created.

    2. Self-help. God helps those who help themselves. God wants for you what you want for you and she will never tell you "no". Without self-initiative and agency there's little that God or anyone can do for you.

    3. Daily practice has little or nothing to do with what you are doing but everything to do with how you're thinking and what you are believing. First the inner - then the outer. So I ask you, what are you believing that's keeping you stuck?

    4. I don't like your book? Sometimes there's more to be gleaned from a 1 star review than there is from a 5 star review. Most of us have a strong resistance to things we don't want to look at, especially when they might be true.

    5. Truth needs no defending. People must always try and defend a lie (make up stories about it) because it's not true. Truth stands in the harbor like a Lighthouse, not excited about the believers and not disappointed by the doubters.

    6. We attack because we believe there is some modicum of truth in what was said. Rather than contemplate their words we're dismissive or we initiate a full on attack. We make ourselves right and make the other person wrong.

    7. Here's the skinny. None of our thoughts or beliefs can ultimately be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Even if they could, it's insignificant in the grand scheme of things? Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.

    8. We are always attaching ourselves to the ephemeral. What would happen, if instead, we attached ourselves to the changeless?

    9. God sends us nothing but angels. If we don't see their angelic qualities, we haven't looked deeply enough. Yes, this includes someone who didn't read our book because they didn't like the title.

    10. Nothing in this world is permanent....it's all temporary.

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