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Choose Yourself - Chapter 4 - How to Choose Yourself - 19 Insights

What a ride so far. The space for learning and understanding is immense. James is quite the story teller (you wouldn't believe some of the things that he's shared with me) and I'm enjoying every minute of it. We're into the thick of it now and Chapter 4 is a doozy.

    1. There's always another addiction. We humans seem to be fascinated by games where the odds are heavily stacked against us and that we have no chance of winning.

    2. Who's enslaving me? Me. I make the chains. I meticulously place the chains around my hands and feet. I then point my finger at the world and say to it - "You are the reasons I am enslaved and you are the only one that can give me freedom.

    3. Chains - No Chains. If I believe there are chains, there are chains and visa versa. An insane mind can convince itself of anything and it does not to be based on what is actually true.

    4. Do what you enjoy. This is easier said but not commonly practiced. The moment we entertained the thought of choosing ourselves we are ambushed by relentless thoughts of why we cannot. We kill it while it's still on the vine.

    5. The reason why we don't choose ourselves is that we're afraid. We are afraid to GIVE our gifts and talents to the world. We don't know that giving and receiving are one in the same.

    6. The world's mission is to keep us distracted with nothingness. We chase this and we chase that and even when we catch it, if we do, we don't know what to do with it or we discover the juice was not worth the squeeze.

    7. Think about it. What happens - Happens. To my knowledge the following things have never changed what is. Worry, anger, bitching, complaining, moaning, cursing, yelling, screaming, hitting, or killing but we show up like this nonetheless.

    8. Here's something people do not know or if they are aware of it they doubt its efficacy. The Universe/Love/God is conspiring on your behalf TO DO YOU GOOD!

    9. Sometimes I wonder if people really believe that, that which created them was so short-sighted that she forgot to give them everything that needed to give their gifts and talents to the world.

    10. On choosing yourself. If not you - Who? If not now - When?

    11. As we increase our vibrational energy we naturally start to gravitate towards things that are on a similar vibration. We will automatically be pulled toward better living on all "levels".

    12. Let's put this to rest once and for all. Using honey works 100% of the time in any situation. Using vinegar does not. If we ever believe other people are the problem we're insane.

    13. I don't think positivity is something you learn. Positivity is something that you choose. We have more to learn from those that are able to push our buttons than we can from someone that agrees with everything we say or do.

    14. Fun Fact: People don't ever criticize you - they criticize themselves. How can someone see or recognize something in you that is not also themselves? Impossible.

    15. Here's something that most people never think about. We drink the poison but we expect others to become ill. All of the rage, feelings of victimhood, anger, guilt, envy, hate, etc. resides in your mind not your neighbors.

    16. Most disease is caused by dis ease in the mind. The body is quite miraculous but it takes a beating with all of the negative thoughts that we have about ourselves and others.

    17. The worse thing that I can have is another thought.

    18. The past (already gone) The future (the not yet) - The past is experienced in the present moment. The future can only be experienced in the present moment. So the majority of the world spends their time thinking about nothing that is real.

    19. I'm sure the world loves me but I don't expect all them to know it quite yet. I'm patient.

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